Sunday, August 3, 2008



Santa Fe (pictured).....Such an awesome place to go! Full of ART...all kinds. I have a friend/family member who loves Santa Fe! She and her hubby frequent this 'piece of heaven' often.

She is a very talented Artist. She makes jewelry, belts, and one of a kind AWESOME furniture. In fact, my living room is full of it and there isn't a person who walks in who isn't in awe of it's beauty! She designed every piece of it.

Awhile back, she went to Santa Fe to check into putting her work in some of the high end shops. They were not receptive to her at all, even though her talented work speaks for itself. That didn't stop her. She went home and began to visualize, write about, think about her work being in just the right place to sell. This was not an overnight process (but not far from it), so in the meantime, she began loving everything and everyone, especially herself. She became busy conversing with silence, which then took her to creating, just the right place for her work. All the while, she was enjoying life and the little things took on a deeper meaning (in extremis.....watering her flowers, taking time to notice the birds, the butterflies, breath, smile, ice cream, naps, reading, painting & sipping tea on her Santa Fe-style porch......). She then began to visualize her shaking the hand of the owner of the perfect store, looking them in the eye, being confident, etc. So, is it any wonder when she went back this past weekend, one of the highest end shops of Santa Fe, accepted her work and were very receptive to her? This is a shop who takes on Shirley McClain's chakra healing jewelry. She left the shop an inch taller, with a new spring in her step, thanking the Universe for matching her vibe.

This did not happen by chance. It played out just as she planned, just as she created! She is in the flow....I'll say!

We can all be where Jude is.

Have you ever heard of Pray Rain Journaling? My friend Jeannette Maw has an e-book that she wrote and it is worth checking out!!! It brings awesome results. I could go on and on and tell you success stories that I have had with it, but I will save that for next time! Check it out

Until then....Namaste!

Teena Mason, Flowing Vibe Coach, Pray Rain Journalist, and a friend to all!


Anonymous said...

Wow...this is a great example of manifesting what we want. Thanks for sharing this. It helped me a lot!


Good Vibe Coach said...

I love that "she left an inch taller"!

That's what manifesting our dreams come true feels like, doesn't it?! An inch taller with lots of bounce in the step!

Thanks for the visual and inspiring example of how to manifest what we want.

Looking forward to reading more great stories on your fabulous blog, Teena!


Teena said...


Manifesting our dreams is right! Something I learned about from you!

Much Love,
p.s. wonder who Phyllis is!

Brooke said...

I love the reminder to enjoy our favorite things...all the while our vibrations are working for us...finding their match!
Good thoughts Mommasita...

P.S. Way to go Jude!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teena,

Well, just getting the hang of even reading someone's blog (besides Jeannette's of course)...and just found the leave a comment place :o) Great stories ....I love your style and your pictures are great (I haven't gotten to the add pictures stage of leaning yet)...I love our "online community"


Flowing Vibes said...

Thanks for your feedback Susie! I too love our online community!

Loving the 'all that is!'

Keith said...

Hi Teena,

I love Santa Fe as well - it's so beautiful and inspiring and I feel so "connected" and at peace there. Thanks for reminding me of it... and thanks to you and Jade for sharing this inspiring story!


Keith said...

Hi Teena,

I love Santa Fe as well - it's so beautiful and inspiring and I feel so "connected" and at peace there. Thanks for reminding me of it... and thanks to you and Jade for sharing this inspiring story!


Keith said...

Sorry for reposting accidentally and I meant thanks to "Jude"! I better stop typing now before I hit another wrong key!!!! :)

Flowing Vibes Coach said...


I love Santa Fe as well. I am thinking I need to plan a trip to the mountains myself soon!


Susie Bartholow said...

So happy for Jude, her work deserves to be noticed everywhere! We have to "Remember to Remember" to stay focused on what we visualize. Great blogging.

Anonymous said...
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Teena E. Mason said...

Thanks Susie, I love your affirmation of "Remember to Remember." I am using that one myself now.

Love (& lots of it)

Jude said...

Thank-You,Teena, for sharing my story and supporting and believing in me. AND!....thanks to all of you who have commented and complimented. I believe that we can each one have our dreams fulfilled. It is not just for a "chosen few". I am enjoying each step and success along the way. And so I say,"to be continued..."
Love To All!And.............. HAPPY MANIFESTING!!!
Judy Groves....doing business as Jude!

Flowing VIbes Coach said...

Thanks, Judy for creating the story for me to share! I am in awe at how you stay focused until your manifestion comes into fruition.