Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What are you Thinking?

Just this morning, I was talking to a friend who said she was "fine." Not too far into the conversation, she revealed a lot of her frustrations. Hmmm.....feeling fine, huh? It was easy to identify the root of her frustration. She was pondering on things that fed it.
Here is a thought to consider....If we fed a hungry beast with food that was not good for it, it would most likely accept it, due to it's hunger. However, the food that wasn't good for him, could cause him to feel sluggish and cranky. Right?
Sometimes, we get caught up in thoughts that don't feel good and they can take us to a place of manifesting just that.......more things that don't feel good. The choice is always ours.
When I go to the grocery store, I find myself looking for food that is good for my body because I want it to feel it's best. The fruit and vegetable departments hold a lot of nutritional choices. Juicy red apples, bright thick-skinned oranges that are mouth-watering, and ripened yellow bananas (just to name a few). Then the vegetable department.....WooHoo! What is better than snacking on fresh crunchy carrot sticks? There are other departments in the market, which offer foods that might have a WONDERFUL taste (such as "junk" food)....but are they going to take our bodies to the place of feeling good? Even so, I sometimes still make those choices, because chocolate is so yummy!!!!!
For the most part, I opt to choose food that will reward my body with health, so why not do that with our thoughts??
If we feed on something that is nutritious for our thoughts, things that bring incredible joy to think upon, we go to a place of feeling good every time....No exceptions.
What will you choose to think on today?
A positive thought for the day is an effective means for utilizing Universal Laws to bring what you desire. Imagine that you can create anything that you desire in life!!! You CAN!

Teena E. Mason
Law of Attraction Coach

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Randy Mason said...

I enjoyed your article. What do you think about the Law of Cause and Affect? Maybe you could write an article about that sometime.