Thursday, August 2, 2007


Ok..time to be honest here. Lately, I have not had healthy thoughts. If you refer to my last blog, the theme of it was just that.....feed ourselves with good, healthy thoughts.

Yet, here I was doing the opposite.
I had let worry creep did that happen? I knew better. Now, how do I get out of it?

After feeling this way for a couple of days in a row, I allowed myself to get into a bit of a "funk."

Wonder what the real meaning of that word is? To me, it is a fog and not being able to get to the place of feeling good. Help!!!!! I was having a hard time seeing or feeling anything healthy.

What about "loving what is?" That sounded good.

I began to pay attention to EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of things that were good. When we learn to be "in the moment" and be happy no matter what, EVERYTHING seems good. EVERYTHING IS GOOD.

I listened to the harmonizing of the birds. It was very soothing. I began to enjoy watching my fish swim. He is in complete harmony with all that is. Swimming back and forth and around in his own delightful element. He is so graceful as he comes to the top to be fed. Then, he is off to make his rounds again.

I then took time to look at the bright red blooms on my geraniums that adorn my front porch. Their beauty is breathtaking. They too, seem to be allowing all that is.

I also noticed an heirloom pin, given to me by my Great Aunt, Johnnie. I noticed EVERY LITTLE DETAIL in the pin. There are actually a couple of tiny jewels missing from it, but it doesn't mar the beauty of it as a whole. It is a vintage peice, I'm not sure of it's value, but overall, it is very whole because I am paying attention to EVERY LITTLE DETAIL.

I then, walked out to our backyard and LO & BEHOLD.....the locusts were making music of their own. What an amazing symphony they possess. I walked through the green grass, noticing every wide blade that led me to a tall pine tree (pictured above), yes we do have pine trees in Texas! The dew covered tree is sporting the same energy that I do. We had quite a silent conversation. In looking at EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, I noticed it's beauty in completion.

One more thing I enjoyed in my quest for beauty.....a painting that my mother painted for me when I was 16 yrs. old. I noticed EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of each brush stroke she had made. I could feel the effort of love that she had put into her gift to me. It was many years ago that she had joyfully painted this picture, yet here I am enjoying it "here and now."

Before long, I had created many things to be thankful for and I was definitely smiling and "in the moment." From here, I was feeling happy and a bit creative. I had a lot of things that I was looking forward to. Being in the moment and enjoying EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of all that is, had brought me to a happy place and it showed in the smile across my face!

Teena Mason

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Brooke said...

I like that thought....what a simple, yet affective one!