Friday, August 10, 2007

Feeling Another's Pain

Recently a childhood friend of mine called me in tears. She had been physically abused by her husband once again. I opened my heart and home to her and wiped away her tears. I listened for what seemed to be hours, while she unloaded a portion of her pain and fears. Many times in the conversation, I noticed that I was feeling angry at the pain that had been heaped upon her. I asked myself, "Did she create this?" We all know the answer to that question. Of course she did, every ounce of every detail, she had created. We all create our own lives.

After her drama had taken 48 hours of my time, she announced that she was going back to her husband, because she loves him. Wow.....I tried to muster up a little thankfulness that she could still feel love for him, but what about loving herself? If she loved herself, she wouldn't allow these familiar conditions.
She asked me if I thought she was crazy. I wanted to shout "I don't THINK you are crazy, dear friend....I KNOW it." Instead, I told her that only she could answer that question. I then suggested that she still her mind and listen to what her higher self had to say to her.
She is new to the awareness of Law of Attraction, and I highly doubt that she is up for listening to herself. She is running from her own voice of truth. The one voice that will never fail her. I also highly doubt that she realizes at this point that we all are experiencing Law of Attraction. We attract the desired experiences and the undesired experiences.

All I could do for my friend, was send her love, and allow her to live and create her own life.

Part two of this story is the effect that it had on me later....I was leaving the next day for our family vacation. I had intended for a time of total harmony between all members of our family who were making the trip on this fabulous beach retreat. That is EXACTLY how it unfolded. The ocean was awesome (and so was the dolphin that swam up to my husband), the beaches were uncrowded, and the 6:54 a.m. sunrise that my daughter took our grandsons to see, was priceless (see picture above)! So, why in the midst of a time that I needed to be shouting "Thanks" to the Universe, was I feeling a "nagging" at my heart and soul?
Hmmmm.....let's think this out.'s the answer....loud and clear....I had bought into my friend's pain, so much so, that I was actually experiencing it with her.
Whoa.....time to reach for something better..... What could I have done differently?
That still small voice that I call "me," gave me the answer, but I would like to know what my reader's would say! Please click on comment below or send me an e-mail What could I have done differently?

Happy Creating to all!
Teena E. Mason


Good Vibe Coach said...

When a friend is in that much pain, and you have a heart as huge as yours is, Teena, I'm not sure what could have been done different. At first I thought, "Not let her go on for 48 hours." But honestly, that's what friends are for, right? They'll give you a shoulder to cry on when no one else will. And you are SO amazingly supportive that I can't see you asking her to give it up before she was ready to.

Maybe finding a way to release the negative energy someone else brings to your table would come in handy.

I'm still thinking about this ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Teena,
It's easy to get caught up in someone else's feelings without realizing it. I like what Abraham said, if you are feeling someone's pain be assured pain is coming your way. Better to send strong positive feelings of happiness for them and yourself.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing....would love to know what answer you received....